ABOUT Remarkable Goldens

We are REMARKABLE GOLDENS because we breed for versatility in performance: hunt, agility, obedience, therapy, etc. Our dogs and puppies are remarkable, because they can do it all!
We breed for temperment and drive.

We are Charles and Laurel Clark. We fell in love with the breed early on, when our daughter had a Field Golden Retriever named Sunshine. She was so sweet, lovable, and smart. She eagerly learned how to hunt pheasants.  When she passed away from cancer, we learned about the importance of health clearances for the breeding parents.

We got a male golden retriever (Biscuit) as a puppy, and then added a female golden retriever (Ginger), with quality bloodlines to our family, as well.  We were interested in having healthy dogs that would hunt with us, and able to be calm and affectionate in the off-season.  We had them trained for obedience and hunting, and learned the joys of entering and running our dogs in AKC hunt tests. 

Our dogs are versatile,  and able to excel in many different areas.

We may be a little biased, but we believe that Golden Retrievers are the best breed ever!