The following is a deposit agreement and receipt that will be given to the buyer once the breeder receives the non-refundable puppy deposit of $400.
Personal details will be filled in.
Please read carefully.


Buyer Name:______________________



Puppy Sex: __________________

Name of Sire: One Tough Biscuit Hunter
Name of Dam: Stonewood Retrievers Ginger Honey

Date Whelped: July 18, 2022

Deposit Amount: $400

Method of Payment:___Cash or Check



The following agreement is between Charles and Laurel Clark of Remarkable Goldens - Breeder, and __________________ hereafter referred to as the Puppy Buyer.


In consideration of a purchase price of $2,700 for a puppy, a deposit of $400 was received. Said deposit is non-refundable.  The Breeder agrees to hold a puppy that matches the criteria listed below for the Puppy Buyer, who in turn agrees to pay the remainder purchase price of $2,300, which is due in full when picking up the puppy at 8 weeks of age. The puppy will not be able to be picked up until payment is received in full (by cash, credit card or debit card). If the Puppy Buyer decides NOT to take a puppy offered by the Breeder, the $400 deposit will NOT be refunded.


Puppy Buyer requests:
Use of puppy__________________________________________________________

And acknowledges that the puppy is sold with an application for limited AKC registration with option for full AKC registration after 24 months according to the conditions outlined in the puppy purchase contract.