Website shuffle

The website has been rearranged so that the forms are easier to find, and we created a new page just for videos!
The sliders on the home page and the puppy page get updated on a regular basis.
If you click on a puppy profile (under "our puppies") you will be able to see all the pictures that we have posted for that particular pup.
We also updated the puppy names to show the color of collar they wear, that way you can identify them in the videos.
Hope you enjoy our!

Puppies eyes have opened!

Puppies eyes have opened and they are starting to walk. So very cute!

Watch the videos here 

1 Week

The puppies continue to grow, move, get strong, wimper, bark, squeek,
They are so cute!

We continue to add pictures! Check them out!

4 boys and 3 girls

Ginger and puppies are doing fine!

Puppies were born Monday, July 18 in the afternoon. We are thankful Ginger was considerate enough to have them during the day :)