Remarkable Goldens

Golden Retriever Purchase Agreement

Purchase Price ________
For final payment we accept Credit Card / Debit Card or Cash

Remarkable Goldens will customize this form to include your details, and will have it ready for you to sign when you come to pick up your puppy

Golden Retriever Purchase Contract

Seller Name: Remarkable Goldens - Charles Clark
Phone: ______________________________

Buyer Name: ______________________________
Phone: __________________________________ 

Date of Sale: ________________

Date of Delivery: _______________

Registration:  Limited

Price: _______

Balance paid: _______ Date: ________________ (Balance due on delivery)
For final payment we accept Credit Card / Debit Card or Cash

Description of the puppy

Breed: Golden Retriever

Gender : (     )Male   (     )Female

DOB: 7/18/22 (Puppies must be 8 weeks or older before delivery - Ready September 12)

Litter/Registration Number: _________________________

Sire: One Tough Biscuit Hunter
Call Name: Biscuit
AKC#: __________________
OFA#: __________________

Dam: Stonewood Retrievers Ginger Honey
Call Name: Ginger
AKC#: __________________
OFA#: __________________

*** See pedigree attached.

Proposed use of the puppy or dog 

(     ) Pet or family companion
(     ) Performance competitions
(     ) Conformation events or dog shows
(     ) Breeding

Seller Agreements

  1. This puppy is a purebred Golden Retriever. This puppy temperament and structure is typical of the Golden Retriever breed.
  2. The attached pedigree is correct.
  3. Seller will provide paperwork to Buyer for AKC registration application
  4. The AKC registration is limited. Puppies sold on limited registration may not be shown in AKC conformation shows or bred, but may be entered in performance events. The buyer’s understanding and acceptance of this condition are signified here by his/her initials: ________________ on _______(date).
  5. If the Buyer desires full AKC registration, the Seller will release the AKC registration limitation once the Buyer obtains puppy OFA certification for hip, elbows and eyes (after 24 months of age), and submits the request to the seller.
  6. The puppy is healthy at the time of sale and has had immunizations enumerated in the attached health record.
  7. The puppy has been microchipped, and the number registered with AKC Reunite.
  8. The purchase price of this puppy will be refunded if the Buyer furnishes the Seller with a veterinary certificate indicating that the puppy is unwell or unsound and returned within 72 hours from delivery. The Seller will reimburse no veterinary or shipping costs.
  9. All efforts have been made to ensure heathy puppies by breeding dam and sire that are both heathy and free of testable genetic diseases and hip dysplasia. Heath certifications listed with OFA and tests by Paw Print Genetics. Copy of parent health certification attached.
  10. If for any reason the Buyer cannot keep the purchased puppy, the Seller agrees to take the puppy back. There is no refund/payment involved in this agreement.

No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated above.

Signed by the seller: __________________________

Date: _________________


Buyer Agreements

  1. The Buyer agrees to have this puppy health checked at veterinarian within 72 hours from delivery, and maintain puppy’s health with the vaccination schedule recommended by their veterinarian.
  2. Should the puppy become ill or unsound, any and all costs of treatment will be the responsibility of the Buyer.
  3. The Buyer agrees to keep the puppy in an appropriate lean weight to maximize the puppy’s soundness and longevity.
  4. The Buyer agrees to feed only those puppy foods appropriate for the golden retriever breed.
  5. The Buyer agrees to socialize, train, and keep the puppy in a manner appropriate to the breed.
  6. The Buyer acknowledges that special coat care, conditioning, training, and feeding are necessary to produce a competitive golden retriever in conformation and performance events and that this care and training is his/her responsibility.
  7. The Buyer acknowledges receipt of the following:
  • AKC limited registration application
  • Copy of parent health certifications
  • Copy of pedigree for both parents
  • Veterinary Health Certification
  • Microchip number
  • Seven day supply of Taste of the Wild Puppy Chow

Signed by the buyer: ______________________________

Date: ____________________________